Ashtanga Yoga Belgrade

Ashtanga Yoga in the tradition of
Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and Sri R. Sharath Jois


Mysore Class

Mysore classes take place every day from Monday to Saturday according to the published shedule.

Although all students practice together, the teachers work with each of them individually. This means that the teacher explains in details the breathing and the technique, demonstrates them and keeps checking student's progress. From the first class, the student is taught to practice without assistance in order to become capable to practice by himself as soon as possible. A new technique is introduced to the practitioner - i.e. student as soon as he or she has optimally learned the previous one.

The practitioners may arrive to shala at different times within Mysore class, but at least about an hour before the end of the class, so that they can have enough time to complete their practice program until the end of the term.

Led Class

Led class takes place only on Saturday and only practitioners who have learned basic technique (Sun salutations, ten standing techniques and a couple of sitting ones) can attend this type of class. The aim of led class is further improvement of breathing and vinyasa - i.e. the synchronisation of breathing and movement.

During this class, all students practice as a group, in accordance with teacher's counting and vocal instructions. When the group arrives to a technique that some of the students have not yet fully learned during Mysore classes, those students stop to observe others and, eventually, continue to follow teacher's instructions. Afterwards, they can continue doing finishing asanas (that they have previously learned in details on Mysore classes) with the rest of the group.

Ashtanga Yoga does not comprise competition and the number of asanas one practitioner has learned is not the measure of overall progress in yoga. Each practitioner should rather follow his or her own capabilities and gradually make progress in accordance with regular, long-term, devoted and continuous practice and commitment to the traditional method of yoga (parampara tradition) and serious self-improvement.

SCHEDULE OF ASHTANGA CLASSES - Ashtanga Yoga Shala Belgrade

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SCHEDULE OF HATHA and VINYASA CLASSES - Yoga with Nevena in Ashtanga Yoga Shala Belgrade


During working days, Ashtanga Yoga Shala is opened from 04:45 h until 10:30 h in the morning and from 15:45 h until 19:00 h in the afternoon. Assisting starts from 07:00 h in the morning and from 16:00 h in the afternoon.

Ashtanga Yoga Shala is opened 15 minutes before the beginning of the class.

The classes at Ashtanga Yoga Shala take place in accordance with the schedule that is published in due time on the info board at the entrance and on our web page and notifications about changes of schedule can also be found on our Facebook group.

If you are interested in individual (private) classes for one or more persons, feel free to contact us in order to make an arrangement regarding terms, location and price.